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STANFORD, Calif. — No. 3 Oregon lost to Stanford, 31-24 in overtime, Saturday at Stanford Stadium.
Mario Cristobal recapped the Ducks’ first loss of the season.
Below is a transcript from Cristobal’s postgame press conference.
“Did not get the result we wanted. Had some some bright moments, certainly not enough to overcome some of our mistakes. Certainly appreciate and proud of the way they played with toughness and with effort but we didn’t play with enough discipline, we didn’t coach with enough discipline today and in the end it ends up costing us the game.”
On the final drive of regulation and the three penalties:
“I’ll have to see it on film. I find it, I don’t know I watched a couple (inaudible) interesting to say the least. The personal fouls I got to see them. Obviously if we’re getting flagged for one we’re not being disciplined enough. Coming after the quarterback, I did not see exactly how it happened. I’ll have to watch it on film and assess it. I know we got hit several times and got tangled up a bunch and never got a flag but it is what it is.”
On the late false starts, struggles on third downs and challenges executing for all four quarters:
“We came back strong in the second half. We were one first down away from taking the air out of the ball and we get two successive false starts; put us in long down-and-distance situations and then we pinned them at the 10 and didn’t get it done. I don’t know what to tell you except there’s no excuse. Got to get it done.”
On passing on second-and-18 in the final minutes of regulation:
“We got a good red zone plan. We felt there were some things that we could take advantage of. Thought we had a pretty good mix of run and pass. As to what they were playing, they were mixing up what they were doing as well. In hindsight, it might be easy to say but overall I thought that the plan that we went out and attempted to execute was the right plan.”
On CJ Verdell’s injury:
“CJ is hurt and I’m not sure how long it’s going to be. It seems like it’s a pretty significant injury but I don’t know.”
On the status of Bennett Williams, Alex Forsyth and Joe Moorhead and being able to rally in spite of their absences:
“Bennett very freak accident yesterday in practice, hurt humself pretty good. Non-contact drill, just hurt himself. So he couldn’t make the trip. Jamal replaced him as the starter. Alex Forysth has spasms in his back and was not able to go; so we started Ryan Walk. Joe Moorhead this morning, a non-COVID illness that happened early this morning. So he was not available. Proud of our guys for overcoming that and we expect that of ourselves; we just couldn’t find a way.”
On Ryan Walk:
“Tough guy. Resilient guy. Team player. Very accountable and responsible. Did really, really well. Put us in the right identifications to be able to block things. I think we were pretty good in protections holding up, not sure where we were pressure and sack-wise total. All in all very proud of Ryan and the way the entire team fought. A lot of guys in that locker room hurting; we should be. We all should be hurting. Just didn’t do enough.”
On defense’s play in second half:
“First thing is we were playing more physicality up front. We got a pretty good beat on what they were trying to do in the run game and felt like we were able to take away some of their explosive pass plays and play some coverage. Got them in bad down-and-distance situations and we were able to capitalize on it and also put pressure on the quarterback and force him into some tougher throws. We came out in the second half and responded really well.”
On Anthony Brown Jr.’s performance:
“II think Anthony, he did a solid job and he’s always competing, he’s always working. He’s doing a lot. I’m proud of him. He’s a tough guy. He’s a competitor. He’s resilient. He has the support to know like any quarterback and any player when you suffer a defeat you’d like to have plays back. I know he does. I know we do. But he’s done some really, really good things.”
On Travis Dye’s play:
“Travis like always, Travis shows up on game day. Full speed, full throttle, tough, resilient, physical. Good in protection, real good running the ball, good catching the ball. Elusive breaking tackles, tough guy, one of the best leaders on the team. Hurting like crazy right now and he’s about to make sure that we get better as a football team and we’re counting on him to do so.”
On if Stanford was taking tight ends away in pass defense:
“We didn’t connect on some. I think the third play of the game we tried to hit one, bounced right off and had him in the seam. Had one in the corner, tried to hit as well. Had a couple on some of the sliders where we did. Just didn’t connect. They played some of the drop eight stuff on third down, which takes away another one of your zones. … I don’t know if we got enough separation against man coverage at the tight end positions.”
On the message into the bye:
“It’s been one of those years where from Game 1 we had a lot of guys go down. It’s been really, really strange. We’ve taken some … investment in the way we practice, the way we take care of our bodies and we’ve been slammed with a ton of injuries. They are real and guys are going to have to step up.
“In terms of anything regarding anything outside of our next practice and our next game, it’s never been relevant to the process. Do they know that big picture implications are always out there? They always will be out there. I don’t think you try to overhype anything. You try to mix messages with what your team has to do and right now our team has to heal up and our team has to get better. Our team has to make sure that times like this, when the noise surrounds your program, you got to make sure that you stick together and have each other’s back and go attack the processes that are going to put you back on track to be 1-0, to continue playing in a conference that has a lot of good football teams, a lot of good football players. That’s the simplicity of our message and that’s the simplicity of our process.”
On Kayvon Thibodeaux’s play:
“I’ll have to go watch film. It look like he effected the quarterback and made some plays in the run game, chased some things down from behind, set some edges. I think our defensive front, especially in the second half, really played stout overall. Individual grades, I’ll have to go check on them and see and get back to you on that.”
On playing without Thibodeaux for the first half against Cal:
“… It’s one of those years. We haven’t had one like this but you’re no going to find us coming out here and making excuses. Certainly no one’s going to have a pity party ad we’re not going to feel sorry for ourselves. Somebody else is going to have to play. We’re going to get that next person ready and that’ll be it.”
On if he’s ever had a season with as many injuries:
“No sir, not like this.”
On the defense:
“I think early on they had us on our heels a little bit. Then we really buckled down. They were successive series of threes-and-out and not only threes-and-out but knocking them back and actually putting them in negative yardage situations. Really showed up strong. Kept getting the ball back to the offense, flipped the momentum completely. Punt return helped flipped the momentum as well. Again took the lead, took the lead and again when you close out a game you got to close out on both sides. When we’re doing a real good job controlling the football and getting first downs and two successive illegal procedures put them behind the sticks and put our defense on the field again, which we didn’t want to do. We kept their drives alive with some penalties. The one that was down there at the goal line, I know our DBs were playing their tails off and they’re getting pushed and shoved but I guess they’re the ones that got he flag. Anyways, proud of our effort. None of us are happy, content or proud of our final result of our performance. Very driven bunch that doesn’t BS ourselves. We got to go back to work and we got to get better and we got to get guys that are healthy to play and step up and play positions of guys that are not.”
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